About us


Our point is to give a cherishing family condition to youngsters who have known practically zero security in their lives. Some of our kids have lost there the two guardians; others have been deserted. Some have guardians who, for an assortment of reasons, can’t take care of them any longer. They have the possibility of a genuine future, with the likelihood of an occupation, a home and maybe one day their very own group. We don’t just give them access to class, nourishment and legitimate therapeutic care. Most importantly, it gives them a typical youth, with toys, companions, and love. Our central goal is to help the neediest youngsters in Pakistan: vagrants kids, road kids, outcast kids and kids with incapacities.

Our Organization

AMMA Orphanage is a private and social welfare association devoted to the care of vagrants. We furnish our vagrants with an unattractive and warm family-type condition. Each exertion is made to improve the kids with solid Islamic good esteems, great quality instruction and abilities that will empower them to wind up profitable, mindful subjects and in particular upright Muslims.


To give kids who are denied of their characteristic guardians with a domain, which is as close as conceivable to an ordinary family home. At AMMA Orphanage the children , youngsters and elders discover security, cherish and a chance to create to their maximum capacity, insha’Allah. To give these kids a possibility throughout everyday life, a great instruction is basic and all the more so the right comprehension of Islam and its delightful esteems. We want to give chances to advanced education as per the youngster’s capacity and bent, so the kids can remain without anyone else two feet, to be an administration to society and the muslim ummah, insha’Allah.