About Amma Orphans:

They say that every family has a story to tell. Welcome to ours

‘Amma Orphans’, (meaning: mother of orphans), is an orphanage and a shelter home driven by compassion, faith, a fierce sense of justice and a heart full of love. We aim to turn pain into hope, hardships into lessons and tears into laughter.

Poor childcare leads to poor adult outcomes. This includes unstable social relationships, substance abuse, exploitation and even a high imprisonment rate. Our goal is to ensure that childcare is outcome-focused. Currently, orphanages and shelter-homes are only able to focus on immediate needs and the inputs required to fulfill those needs. This is drastically different from how our parents raised us, with a vision for our future in mind. At Amma Orphans, we raise children with the motive of their holistic development, thereby making them strong, independent and responsible adults.

When we talk about holistic development, we also lay emphasis on religious education of a child. We believe, that children also need the opportunity to discuss challenging questions about the ultimate meaning and purpose of life, and what it is to be human, about death, about why people believe in God, and the difference between right and wrong. While we address these questions, we provide religious education emphasizing respect for others, regardless of their beliefs, race or social status.

While we love serving the young, we consider our privilege to serve the young at heart. We offer shelter to the disadvantaged elderly. Ageing is slowly emerging as a new social challenge. We as humans are dependent beings, no matter how self-sufficient we portray ourselves to be. At Amma Orphans, we help senior citizens address their healthcare, wellness, and lifestyle needs. We provide them comfort and warmth of a home away from home.

While we safeguard the interests of children and senior citizens, we also focus on improving the quality of our staffing, because often the skills of the staff can be the silver bullet that solves multiple problems in child and adult care.

About Us:

It’s not too long ago, that like-minded friends came together for a cause that we all were passionate about – serving the underserved. A few luncheons and we knew what we wanted to do. That’s when Amma Orphans was born.

While our focus was clear, we went through many field visits to understand the problem, the solution, and the execution plan of how best we could serve the impoverished orphans and senior citizens.

Pledged to devote our lives to these angels, we wanted to make sure our goals were scalable, replicable, and self-sustainable cure for a systemic problem facing the lives of underprivileged children and the elderly.

It is very difficult for us to imagine how our lives would have been, had we not had a family that loved us unconditionally and believed in our dreams, our parents who took time off to watch us grow into a better person. That is when we realized that there is no greater joy for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. That betterment of the society is not a job to be left to a few. It’s a responsibility to be shared by all.

Services to Children:

Progress becomes a hollow word when children are abandoned, work as household workers, laborers and are subject to human trafficking. There have been cases where children are not enrolled in schools and have limited access to books and a place to study. Even children who study further, often fall through the cracks and drop out because of financial constraints. With neither support nor resources at home, some children also suffer from very low learning levels.

At Amma Orphans, we address all of these problems, as we believe in education, protection, and rehabilitation of underprivileged children. It is our continuous endeavor to make a positive difference in their lives by educating them, empowering them, and enabling them to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Healthcare and nutrition of a child are also aspects that we pay good deal of attention to. We ensure that nutrition plans are prepared for the children, according to their age and individual needs, and that they have a counsellor network they can access. We monitor and intervene quickly to address any issues concerning their health. This approach ensures that children are receiving effective, holistic healthcare services that help them thrive.

All work and no play does makes Jack a dull boy. We also plan recreational activities for the children and nurture their talent. From organizing city tours to interesting art and craft activities; from outdoor sports and games to helping them dress up as their favourite Halloween character, we ensure that we are the reason behind their smiles.

Religion and spirituality are also subjects close to our heart. All aspects of a man’s life – his character, sense of responsibility, good and bad habits, ability to cope with difficulties, and his piety – are shaped primarily during his childhood. A child is extraordinarily receptive to religious impressions. He is instinctively drawn toward everything that opens up the beauty and meaning of life. Take this away from him and his soul will become dulled and he will feel lonely in an unfriendly and cruel world. At Amma Orphan, we help develop a child’s knowledge and understanding of religion, religious beliefs, practices, language and traditions and their influence on individuals, communities, societies and cultures.

We advocate and spread awareness on child rights, bonded labour, child labour, and human trafficking. Our only aim is to watch these little ones grow, gain a good education, and settle for a career and lead an independent & happy life.

Services to Senior Citizens:

Our love and admiration for the senior demographic is beyond quantifiable. We truly believe that age is just a number…senior citizens have vibrant lives, aspirations, and hobbies. All they need is a little support and a sense of endearment and this is where Amma Orphans decides to step in.

This generation wants to be heard and understood like all other generations; they have unique needs of their own, whether it is health/wellness, lifestyle or assistance services. They want to live a full life and are prepared to make it happen. They’ve gone through their struggles of careers, buying houses, bringing up children, getting them married and now finally have the time and money to focus on their own interests but do not have their families by their sides.

Our mission is to enhance the experience of ageing for seniors through multiple opportunities of assistance, well-being, and recreation that contribute to independent living.

The organisation believes and reinforces the idea of active ageing in society and enables senior citizens to live more active, engaged, independent and fulfilling lives. We make sure, that there is a humane hand helping them at all times…