Donations & Sponsorship

Get Involved: 8 ways you can help

Give No issue how little

Today, with the liberality of individuals like you, we give a protected and cherishing home, including sustenance, shield, medicinal care and access to training to more than 400 kids.

Support a vagrant kid

Through this sponsorship program, the kids will get required help with the method for dinners, medicinal, apparel or school supplies.

Volunteer for AMMA halfway house

In the event that you address individuals who effectively volunteer they will disclose to you they do it since they cherish it. So for what reason not help the powerless kids and have a fabulous time in the meantime.

Perpetual Housing

We truly require a perpetual working, with our restricted assets, we expect supporters to help us in this compelling push to concede increasingly vagrant and poor youngsters here.

Gathering pledges

Gathering pledges is the backbone of AMMA Orphanage. Without it we couldn’t assemble and manage halfway houses, give sustenance packages, utilize forefront staff, bring issues to light of the situation of thousands or do any of alternate exercises that make us an effective. Raising money can take to such an extent or as meager time as you can save. Furthermore, for a huge number of dowagers and vagrants your opportunity is an exceptionally extraordinary blessing to be sure.

Restorative Assistance

Free wellbeing administrations to poor people and destitute patients. We are treating all patients particularly TB, unending malady, diabetes and disease patients.

Marriage Support

We urge to embrace unobtrusiveness in sorting out wedding services, we raise subsidizes through our givers to encourage a portion of the poorest families .

Calamity Relief

We been dynamic in surge alleviation and other calamity help work. We runs ambulances, sets up restorative camps, give supplies to those in require.

If it’s not too much trouble DONATE GENEROUSLY

If you don’t mind help towards the extension and running expenses of the halfway house with your gifts.

“Who is he that will loan to Allah a goodly credit with the goal that He may increase it to him commonly? Also, it is Allah that abatements or expands (your arrangement), and unto Him you might return”

Surah Al-Baqarah (2-245)


There are numerous approaches to fund-raise and have a ton of fun doing it! For what reason not collaborate with companions, family, or associates to help fund-raise for Love Orphanage? Indeed, even a little scale exertion can prompt huge outcomes!

  • Ripple battle: Pledge no less than 100 rupees gift and enlist 10 companions to do likewise for an aggregate gift of 1000!
  • Dedicate your birthday day and request that companions influence gifts in lieu of a birthday to present.
  • Brown sack lunch once every week as opposed to purchasing and give the cash you spare.
  • Group Fundraising: Team up with family, companions, neighbors to support a kid!
  • Corporate raising support: Does your boss match gifts to charge excluded non-benefit associations?
  • Change Jar: Do you know a nearby business that would have a Love Orphanage change accumulation jolt?
  • Host a supper at your association, business, or home and gather gifts for each plate.
  • Restaurants: Many diners will give a segment of continues for a committed pledge drive night.
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