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Inspired by working at the AMMA orphanage

AMMA halfway house staff positions mirror the requirement for solid aptitudes much like some other association, from bookkeeping to extend administration to regulatory abilities. PCA or other Reformed association is profoundly attractive, yet not required in many positions. Missions encounter is an exceptionally solid in addition to. Shelter is private and require staff individuals to give day by day administrations to the youngsters who live there. On the off chance that we assume that it’s an opportunity for Cook then it would be this way, you plan the day by day menus. You need to remain educated about the youngsters’ dietary constraints and consolidate them into the menus. The cook likewise helps with making the sustenance benefit spending plan. Janitors are additionally basic to a shelter. To keep up consistence with controls, the offices must be perfect and in satisfactory condition. Janitors take a shot at a regular routine, performing general cleaning obligations in every aspect of the halfway house. In case you’re keen on an AMMA staff position, please look at the activity postings beneath.

Career Opportunities

• Assistant Director
• Full-Time Receptionist
• Gift and Estate arranging officer

The AMMA shelter is a home to numerous disastrous vagrant kids in America and now in Pakistan. These kids are given asylum in halfway houses and haven homes, being controlled by different non-government associations all through the city. These are bothered youngsters who originate from troublesome conditions, which disconnected them from the delights of youth. They require love, mind, love, warmth and, essentially, training. Volunteers joining the halfway house volunteer program, will offer help to these underprivileged and uncared-for kids to ease their agony by helping them carry on with a noble life. Vagrants are denied of numerous open doors vital for their advancement. Your little help volunteering at a halfway house can be of incredible essentialness for these youngsters, giving them a protected present and a promising future. Invest energy with them. Get their glow and warmth. Reveal to them stories. Offer their fantasies. Working for kids is a genuinely satisfying and advancing knowledge.


Joining a volunteer undertaking for shelter youngsters along an abnormal state of duty and devotion. Volunteer, regularly, will be required to execute the accompanying assignments;

  • Help the kids with their everyday exercises, for example, doing    homework, making notes, playing with youngsters
  • Helping staff in sorting out the halfway house focus
  • Exchanging social perspectives
  • Teaching and making them mindful about wellbeing and cleanliness.
  • Volunteers can likewise take the children out for picnics and for outings.
  • In a portion of the positions, volunteers can likewise aid authoritative assignments in the halfway house or in their gathering pledges exercises.
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